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Now that you're a Steampunk, why not plan a social activity?

One of the wonderful things about being Steampunk here in San Diego is that we love getting the whole "family" together.  Of course it is also nice to have a small get-together with one or two fellow Steampunks and just go do something simple.  So, find some Steampunks and go somewhere or make something or discuss a topic or simply enjoy tea with each other.  You shouldn't have to wait for someone else to plan a Steampunk activity in your community before you get out and steam-around town.  A community cannot survive with only one or two people planning all of the fun things.  If you want it to happen, make it so.  People will love you for it, and remember, "if you build it, they will come."   Come by our MeetUp group and spread the word about any activity you are planning!

Below are some suggestions of local Steampunk activities anyone can organize:


A Steampunk Picnic or Park Day


A Steampunk Movie Night


A Steampunk Field Trip


A Steampunk Parade


A Steampunk Pub Crawl


A Steampunk Celebration of Jules Verne’s Birthday


A Steampunk Celebration of H.G. Wells’ Birthday


A Steampunk Celebration of Tesla’s Birthday, etc.


A Steampunk Mall Walk


A Steampunk Walkabout at a themed venue


A Steampunk Tea Party/Tea Duel


A Steampunk Ice Cream Social


A Steampunk Writer’s Workshop


A Steampunk Exhibit at a museum, mall or library


A Steampunk Persona Discussion


A Steampunk Poetry/Prose Reading


A Steampunk Maker-Day


A Steampunk Concert


A Steampunk Bicycle Tour


A Steampunk Show-and-Tell


A Steampunk Literature Discussion


A Steampunk House Party


A Steampunk Group-Build Project


A Steampunk DJ Dance


A Steampunk Flea Market or Garage Sale

We've included here a list of fabulous San Diego places where you may like to go all-dressed-up in your Steampunk outfits.  Sometimes you may want to be an adventurer or a tinkerer, and other times the location may call for more "civilized" attire, or possibly even Victorian beachwear.  Of course there is always the classic airship captain look, or the always appropriate mad-scientist garb.  Whatever the activity you choose to do out in your community, whether shopping or picnicing or a Steampunk photo shoot, etc., please remember never to brandish a prop weapon or weapon-like item in public.  This is for everyone's safety.



94th Aero Squadron


Coronado Boat House

Bahia Belle on Mission Bay

U.S. Grant

Vin de Syrah

Nobel Experiment

Neighborhood Gastropub


Arcana Brewery


Rancho Bernardo Winery


Haunted Head Saloon


The Lost Abbey

Other Places


San Diego Zoo


Queen Bee's


Campo Train Depot/Museum

Gaslamp District


California Dreaming, Biplanes


Old La Mesa


San Diego's Missions


Flying Leathernecks Museum


Mt. Helix


Palomar Observatory


Mormon Battalion


Seaport Village



Presidio Park

Balboa Park

Old Town/Heritage Park

Coronado Island

Crystal Pier

Lindo Lake Gazebo

La Jolla Cove

Children's Pool/Sea Wall

Sunny Jim Sea Cave

Grape Day Park

Old Poway Park

Giant Dipper Wooden Coaster

Mission Bay Model Boat Pond

Cleveland National Forest

Santee Lakes Boating/Picnicing



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