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Places To Learn


One of the great things about steampunk is its interdisciplinary aspect.  Many steampunks are part of the maker movement.  If you are looking for ways to exercise your skills, here is a list of local establishments and organizations that can provide you with the space and tools.  If you don't yet consider yourself a maker but are interested in learning to sew, do leather work, try metal smithing, jewelry making or another craft, these are good places to learn.  Steampunks are also great at sharing their own knowledge with others in the community, so sometimes you can learn just by coming to our MeetUps and talking with other steampunks to exchange information.  Love to do woodwork but can't sew a stitch? Come learn!  Want to make some jewelry to go with your new corset?  There are fellow steampunks who would love to teach you, or to learn right alongside you.  This list only scratches the surface.

Junto Academy


The Junto Academy runs make-and-takes as well as maker classes around San Diego, including at Gaslight, the annual steampunk convention.  We are a roving group of craftsmen focused on education and creation. Prop fabrication, metalworking, leather working, sewing, millinery, and jewelry making are just some of the hands-on workshops we have held. If you have a request or want to teach a class, let us know:

Gaslight Expo


Gaslight Expo is more than just the biggest and best annual steampunk convention in the southern California region, it is also a four-day long weekend full of some of the greatest workshops and demos in the maker genre.  Gaslight Expo features a variety of projects for all ages and all skill levels, and hosts a collection of teachers who are sure to inspire and enlighten you.  It also offers steampunk and Victoriana fashion shows, teas, dances, a puzzle-escape room, and steampunk tours of San Diego, plus so much more.  Check out the Gaslight Expo website for more details and information on how you can register for the next convention or volunteer to be an instructor or apply to be a vendor.

The Iron Tailor


Bob Mogg is the Iron Tailor.  An engineer by trade, Bob started costuming a few years ago and after working through a variety of eras, he's settled Steampunk outfits and gadgets.  A popular teacher and presenter at steampunk conventions and workshops all over the southwest, Bob has started listing all of his projects online in order to help others learn to make them as well.  Bob's blogspot, Iron Tailor, shares some of the things he's made, and more importantly, how he has made them.  Check it out at   

Costume College


Costume College is an annual three-day costuming arts conference produced by Costumer’s Guild West. We offer lectures, workshops and demos on all things costuming: from general sewing to historical methods to science fiction/fantasy costume construction. All of our classes are taught by volunteers who enjoying sharing their knowledge on a particular topic.

The Creator Space


The Creator Space is a DIY makerspace with a mission to provide technical and creative education and resources to the community through lessons in crafting, electronics, sewing, and much more.  Located in Temecula, The Creator Space is just north of San Doego County and worththe drive.  Visit their website for more details at

Fab Lab San Diego


Fab Lab is a non-profit community space that gives you access to the tools, training, and community you'll need to feel comfortable making just about anything.  Locatd in downtown San Diego, Fab Lab is a production workshop equipped with digital fabrication machines and technologies for the production of objects, tools and electronics.  Membership is open to everyone, so join today.

Charity Wings Art & Craft Center


Our new 6000 sq ft community Art & Craft center in San Marcos hosts an open studio and classes in ceramics, sewing, polymer clay, metal smithing, jewelry making, fiber arts, mixed/multi media arts and features a kids area and event/party space and much much more.  During open studio you are welcome to use all available supplies and tools in the Art Centers. You are also welcome to bring in your own projects and use all of our supplies and tools to finish your project.  Hourly rates start at $10 per hour but there are also membership discounts.

Maker Place


We’ll provide the tools, software and space…you bring the creativity, innovation and imagination. With a complete metal shop, wood shop and electronic shop, plus classrooms and large work areas, Maker Place is your place to make it. Think of it as your dream shop… the one you’d build if you had a really big garage and a large number of expensive tools.

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