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Other Local Steampunk Activities We Host

San Diego Steampunk's MeetUp Group

Come meet old friends and make new ones at our occasional meetups, as posted on our page.  Join us for gatherings, dinner, drinks, interesting conversation and announcements at these meetups which are usually held at a local restaurant or park.  If you have something to share with the community, please come ready to make an announcement or distribute flyers, cards, etc.  If you cannot attend but have something to share, please email it to us at and we'll pass it along to the group.  Please remember that it is not a requirement to dress steampunk in order to attend our Meetups.  We're just happy to have you.  You may wear whatever you like.  To join our free San Diego Steampunk Meetup group please visit this link:

SD Steampunk Picnics

​So far, we usually have had them in Spring and Autumn.  They are always lovely.​

There is nothing quite as beautiful to see, and as exciting to participate in, as a Steampunk/Victoriana picnic.  Ladies with parasols and flowing skirts. Gents in frock coats and fancy hats with goggles and those gadgety arm bracers.  Pennyfarthings being pedaled around.  Cephalopods in baby carriages.  Red checkered tablecloths and trusty wicker picnic baskets brimming with goodies.  Children running to-and-fro with hoop and stick.  The inventive Bob Mogg in his latest pair of articulated wings flying about.  Games of croquet, badminton and bowling on the lawn while a lovely old steam train chugs along in the distance full of happy passersby.  This is what it looks like when the San Diego Steampunk community gathers for a picnic at Old Poway Park and Steam Train Depot.  It's a free, public event and all are welcome to attend.  No reservation necessary.  Bring your own picnic and join us there.  Please check our calendar and Facebook or Meetup for the date and more details.

steam swap.jpg
Steampunk Swapmeets

​Open to the public - great place for costumes and props and home décor.​

Usually held in conjunction with our annual convention, Gaslight Expo, and our "sister organization, the San Diego Costume Guild, these swapmeet-style events are the perfect place to acquire costumes pieces, props, accessories and sometimes even home or yard decor all with a steampunk vibe. 

Steampunk Pub Crawls​

Usually about once or twice per year, now, as long as one of our members is willing to organize it.

Participate in one of our now "world famous" Steampunk Pub Crawls here in San Diego's fabulous Gaslamp District, and you'll truly feel like a time-traveler.  San Diego boasts a wealth of Victorian style pubs, clubs, breweries and Steampunk-friendly dining establishments all within a few city blocks of each other.  That fact, coupled with the usually mild San Diego night temperatures, make for the perfect Steampunk evening activity!  Usually we are a group of anywhere from 10 to 25 Steampunks visiting a few establishments downtown, walking from place to place and sharing our love of Steampunk with all who stop to ask about our outfits (or to request photos).  We are always on our best behavior when representing our hobby and therefore are well-reputed all through the Gaslamp District and have been invited back to every place visited.  Steampunk Pub Crawls are for adults, age 21 and up, with photo ID only.  Please do not carry any prop-weapons or weapon-like devices on Steampunk Pub Crawls. 

Carousel Cavalry, a.k.a. our steampunk carousel rides
An opportunity to ride historic works-of-art and do so in Steampunk finery!

Did you know that there have been more than ten hand-carved carousels of the Victorian era located in San Diego throughout it's history?  And did you know that many of these same beautiful amusement rides still exist and function here in America's Finest City?  San Diego Steampunk plans group carousel rides and these fun events are always open to the public.  These carousel events are a fun and fanciful opportunity for Steampunks of all ages to represent our hobby to the community while also generating awareness and supporting preservation of these lovely historic carousels.  Please plan to join us - all are welcome!  Steampunk (or Victorian) garb is encouraged but not necessary.  The cost to ride a carousel varies at each location but is usually anywhere from $2 to $4 per person.  Watch our calendar page or FaceBook/Meetup events for details and dates of upcoming Steampunk Carousel Cavalry Meet-Ups.

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