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Steampunk Makers and Artists in the San Diego Area...


These are some of the fabulous Steampunk artists and makers in our community.  Their work will inspire you.  Most of them create their wares to sell and invite commissions, too, so please be sure to visit their websites.

Coddiwomple Designs

We all need a little light in our lives, right?  Add some Steampunk illumination to yours with a one-of-a-kind lamp from Coddiwomple Designs.  Codd-i-wom-ple (kod ’ ee ’ wom ’ pl) verb: a Victorian word meaning to travel purposely toward an unknown destination.  Mike and Jan Handman, the brilliant makers behind the lamps of Coddiwomple are creating unique inspirational lighting for your home and office using found items along with bits and bobs from various local thrift stores and estate sales.  Click here for a flyer or call or email for an appointment or more information: 619-987-0279,

Andy Cameron Theatrical Designs

Among the most interesting and talented steampunk makers we have met is Mr. Andy Cameron.  His intricately detailed creations make people smile.  Although he specializes in lighting design for theater, concerts, and private parties, etc., he is a steampunk maker through and through.  Currently he has work on display and/or for sale at the University Heights Open Air Market most Saturdays and also at Moncai Vegan Restaurant and Bakery on University Avenue in San Diego.  He can be contacted via emil at


The Iron Tailor

Costumer extraordinaire, Bob Mogg, The Iron Tailor, is creating some of the most impressive (and large) Steampunk costumes and props in San Diego.  Check out the amazing builds and free tutorials at his blog,

Truly Scrumptious Cakes

Monika Stout, local baker and award-winning Food Network cake artist, creates unique works of art with cake, icing, fondant and sugar. She says , "My goal is to make each one as unique as the person for whom it was created. I want your cake to surprise and delight you..." Please visit her website at to see some of the fabulous steampunk cakes she has made.


The Sidereal Workshop

The Sidereal Workshop’s creator, William Swanson, is turning out all kinds of crazy-cool contraptions with a Victorian flair that Steampunks adore.  William is a maker extraordinaire with a background in electrical engineering which he uses to astound the local Steampunk community with works like the Gravity Floccinaucinihiliplificationator, which makes a metal ball hover in midair.  Check it out at


Krista Timberlake Art

Krista is a North County artist who does gaming & entertainment graphic design by day.  She loves using mechanical parts in her paintings of people and animals, and enjoys adding humor & whimsy whenever possible.  You can see most of her work on  She especially loves creating custom work for clients- ask her to create a unique steampunk painting for you!


A self-proclaimed "junkaholic" and all around geek enthusiast, Dan Jones, who creates Tinkerbots, is one of San Diego's premier found object and assemblage sculptors.  A native San Diegan, Dan has been a tinkerer for as long as he can remember. From his backyard lab and studio, Dan takes great joy in creating whimsical robots, ray guns and steampunk themed sculptures.  Check out his creations at


Wyng’d Lyon

Wyng'd Lyon Creations will bring your imagination to reality through specialty clothes and accessories, from Steampunk outfits to Halloween costumes… Wyng'd Lyon can also supply you with absinth supplies, replica skeleton keys, stuffed animals, hand-carved and painted boxes as well as a wide assortment of beads for the crafty among you.  Clothing comes in all sizes, for men, women and children.


Coppersmith Design

Local steampunk artist, Vitali, is The Coppersmith.  Vitali has been a featured artist at Gaslight Gathering and Comic Con for the last three years, as well as a vendor at Doctor Watson's Steampunk Odditorium, San Francisco Makerfaire, Labyrinth of Jareth, Mythmasque, and both the Los Angeles and San Francisco Edwardian Balls, as well as many other steampunk type venues.  Please check out his remarkable art at his FaceBook page, or visit his website at 


Perpetual Motion Creations

Paula Cameron is owner/designer of Perpetual Motion Creations.  Her tag line is "Aways Moving Art" and she specialize in all things steampunk, including unique jewelry design, upcycled arts and crafts, hand-painted vintage signs, and much more.  Visit her website at


Indigo Lane Designs

Vintage dictionary prints, art work and more.  Ruth Tyler of Indigo Lane Designs loves words and vintage images.  She has found a way to combine the two in beautiful frame-worthy art.  You can see (and purchase) her work at the San Diego Vintage Flea Markets as well as other community events and also on her website at 


Rae Wolf Designs

Lindsay Wagner is Rae Wolf Designs.  She creates lovely hat pins, earrings, Steampunk accessories and features a wonderful vintage-inspired collection.  Says Lindsay, “My art is a mixture of vintage, reclaimed, repurposed, fibers, and awesomeness all rolled into one".  Visit her website at


The Elegant Harlot

Welcome to Lady Mari's The Elegant Harlot Boutique. The Lady specializes in hand-made Perky Little Hats, Exotic Hand Fans, Costumes and Gentle Severity Neckwear, using new, old, recycled, upcycled and mixed media. Please visit her Etsy shop often, as there are always new designs being added.


Winona Cookie Creations

Ramona Sczcerba is the artist behind Winona Cookie Creations.  About her art, Ramona says, “I make things I would like to wear, look at, own or give as gifts.”  She has also been featured as the Artist Guest of Honor at Gaslight Gathering in San Diego.  Visit her website at


Agent Fox ARTifacts

You may have seen Triona's gorgeous custom parasols at a steampunk picnic or event; she can make you one, too. She also does leatherwork, woodburning, jewelry, and other fabrication and customizations.  Find her at and learn more!


Salvaged Sword Designs

Maria makes hats, accessories, and jewelry at her Etsy store





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