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If you would like to see your local San Diego group on this list, let us know at! 

Steampunk Organizations in Our Area

San Diego Steampunk

We are a free community group of steampunk enthusiasts, open to all ages, all ethnicities, all world-views and all genders.  We do fun things togther like fashion shows, zoo safaris, carousel rides, parades, picnics, maker-events, classes, swap-meets, meetups, pub crawls, and more, plus we support the delightful annual steampunk convention, Gaslight Steampunk Expo in October.  To join us, simply start hanging out with us.  

Steampunk Public

Find Steampunk Public on Facebook at this link!

Steampunk Public is the North County branch of San Diego Steampunk.  It is founded and run by the Lord and Lady Quagmire (a.k.a. Michael Arocho & Monique Little) and their faithful Pomeranian-servants.  They plan and facilitate all sorts of delightful steampunk activities in the northern parts of our San Diego county and are also directors with Alley Art, an annual art festival and fashion show in Vista.

Atlantean Foundation

Conceived as a steampunk-themed group of explorers, scientists, and assorted adventurers, the Atlanteans attend various events educating people on history, mythology, and the proper consumption of good claret. Members assemble their own period clothing, props and accessories, and create their own personas which logically fit within the parameters of the group’s current theme and intent, whether historical or fictional. 

San Diego Costume Guild

We’re a fun group of costume enthusiasts who dress in many different eras, including Georgian, Regency, Victorian, Edwardian and Vintage style, as well as Medieval, Renaissance, SciFi, Fantasy, Steampunk  & more. All skill levels from beginner to experienced are welcome to join us as we costume in and around San Diego, Orange and Los Angeles Counties.  Memberships is free.


SoCal Steam

A Yahoo! forum group for steampunks in southern California who want to share ideas, news, and local gatherings. Feel free to browse or post details about meet-ups and topics of interest for steampunks in all of Southern California.

Pennyfarthing Riders

So Cal Pennyfarthings:
San Diego Pennyfarthing Club:

A pennyfarthing is a beautiful bicycle from the mid 1800’s featuring a large front wheel and a much smaller back wheel and is a challenge to ride. There are two wonderful clubs in our area for pennyfarthing enthusiasts to ride with.


The League of Supremely Evil Revolutionaries is LOSERs, a group of Evil Geniuses, Femme Fatales, Mad Scientists, Rogues, Pirates, Thugs, and general Evil Doers bent on taking over the world.  Private club. Heroes need not apply.

Starburner Galactic Courier Service

A collection of unique individuals that enjoy steampunk. These are agents who are passionate about using their imagination to create what could have been in the world of steampunk, from time travel devices and weaponry to elaborate Victoriana costuming. This is a private member-only organization.

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