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Starburner Galactic Couriers

Description needs update.

If you own this organiation and would like to be listed on this website, please contact Lisa Vaca at

Organizations are the best way to get involved and to meet others doing steampunk activities.  They are also a great source of inspiration and help in finding steampunk resources. Get involved in one or more groups, if you can.  Here are some in the San Diego area:

Steampunk Groups in San Diego


The League of Supremely Evil Revolutionaries is a group comprised of Evil Geniuses, Femme Fatales, Mad Scientists, Rogues, Pirates, Thugs, Minions, Anarchists, and general Evil Doers bent on taking over the world and enslaving humanity for their own end. The League of Supremely Evil Revolutionaries (L.O.S.E.R.) was formed after the defeat of many of it members individually at the hands of the dogooders, and adventurers running around.

If you're in Southern California looking for Orange County or Los Angeles Steampunks, we're assembling a list here.

Penny Farthings

A Penny-farthing is a beautiful bicycle from the 1800’s featuring a large front wheel and a much smaller back wheel.  There are two wonderful clubs in our area for penny-farthing enthusiasts to ride with:


Contact So Cal Penny-Farthings at


Contact San Diego Penny-Farthing Club at 

So Cal Steam

So Cal Steam is a Yahoo! group/forum for Steampunks in Southern California who want to to take our culture off the Web, meet up and have fun. It is not a place to argue about what Steampunk is or is not. We can discuss this over drinks. Feel free to post about events, meet-ups and places of interest for Steampunks in Southern California.

Gentlemen of Steam Fashion Show

Are you a fine steampunk gentleman willing to be paraded around like eye-candy in order to inspire and enthrall audiences of all types? Contact Lady Amethyst and the Mysterious Gentleman to find out how you can participate in our Fashion Show at Gaslight Gathering and more.

Junto Academy

The Junto Academy runs the workshops and demos at Gaslight Gathering, San Diego's Steampunk & Victoriana convention. Recently they have been exploring the idea of possibly offering classes or presentations at other venues throughout the year so that we all don't have to wait until con to enjoy their magnificence.

Got a Steampunk Group We Forgot?

If you know of a Steampunk Group in the San Diego area (or Southern Cali) that should be included here, please ticker-tape us their information.  

Venture Crew 1212

We are a youth led organization of members ages 14 through 20, having adventures in Steampunk, Renniasance, and beyond. We go on high adventure outings, not seen in boy scouts or girl scouts. If you've never been in a scouting program, this is a good place to start. Meet new people, build leadership skills, and go on some amazing adventures like Palm Springs, White Water Rafting, Beach Campouts, Shootings, and much, much more. Look for us on FaceBook or see our flyer at the link below.  Contact our Advisor, Dennis, by email for more details:

San Diego Costume Guild

San Diego Costume Guild is a fun group of Costume Enthusiasts who wear costumes of many different eras, including Georgian, Regency, Victorian, Edwardian and Vintage. Our costuming interests also include Medieval/Renaissance, the 1950s, as well as SciFi, Fantasy, & Steampunk.  All skill levels from beginner to experienced are welcome to join us, as we costume in and around Southern California.

San Diego Tea Duelists

Tea dueling is the art of gracefully dunking a tea biscuit into a "Cup of Brown Joy", soaking it for five seconds, and then lifting it and cleanly "nomming" on it - all without dripping tea, losing biscuit fragments into the tea or on the table, and doing so after your fellow duelist. Check the Facebook page and calendar for Tea Duelers from and around the San Diego area.

San Diego Steampunk Meetup Group is a great place to find all kinds of organizations and events to participate in.  San Diego Steampunk's meetup group is a must to keep apprised of what's happening and new events without having to continually check online.  Please join and don't miss out!


The Atlantean Foundation

Dear Captain Tristan and Isabeau,

We are eager to include a description of your fine foundation here.  Please correspond with the Mysterious Gentleman or I in the usual manner and supply us with the information we need.


-Lisa Vaca, San Diego Steampunk 

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