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Here are some resources that have been developed for various events or presentations in Southern California  and other areas.  Please feel free to use them if you wish.  You may re-post or link to these items or you can print them for distribution.  Please remember to credit our website,, as the source.  Thanks.

Compendium of Steampunk Stuff ... in San Diego

A printable PDF of all-things Steampunk in the San Diego area.​

Last edit: January 2015


Downloads to Use

Steampunk Community Calling Card
A business card used by the San Diego Steampunk community.
Steampunk Resource Slideshow


Part of a presentation of Steampunk resources and links that we use when we speak on Steampunk 101.  This presentation is NOT specific to San Diego only.  Because it is very general in nature, it can be helpful to people in other areas of the Country, who are loking for information about steampunk. (APOLOGIES about the large red letters that say "trial version" - that is going away soon.)

Press play below for Resource Slideshow
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