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Aether Greetings from San Diego Steampunk!

Thanks for visiting.  If you have something to contribute or share with the local San Diego Steampunk community, such as an event that steampunks would like, or a local merchant or eatery steampunks should all know about, please email it to us.  We will try to update our calendar and other website pages as often as we can. If you are interested in volunteering to help us, please let Jeff & Lisa Vaca know by emailing  If you would like to be placed on our emailing list of fantastic steampunk opportunities, please visit the mailing list page at this link to sign up. For all other matters, simply use the form below to contact us. Thanks for your input and especially for your patience while awaiting a response. 

Your aethergram was sent to the volunteers at San Diego Steampunk. If you require immediate assistance, you may also like to contact Lisa by emailing Thanks!

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