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San Diego Steampunk is a loosely-organized community of about 350+ steampunks in and around the Southern California area.  Our mascot is the noble octopus.  Our motto is: It's not steampunk to say, "That's not Steampunk!"



Membership is free and open to anyone with an interest in the steampunk genre.  We welcome all ages, all cultures, and all genders.  To become a member of San Diego Steampunk, simply start hanging out with us at our events, meetups, or other adventures we offer and when you feel comfortable doing so, simply proclaim yourself a member.  Oh, and you also might want to join our emailing list or our MeetUp group to be kept informed of all our events and activities.   



Originally founded in 2012 as an all-volunteer team of friends desiring to have more steampunk activities in our area, San Diego Steampunk started with a couple social media pages and some public gatherings.  The group began to grow, to offer more events, and also to get invited to parades, schools, street fairs, business openings and more.  We soon became part of a non-profit corporation, Grand Pacific Steam, in order to further our vision of sharing steampunk with the world and volunteering in our community whenever the "need" for steampunks might arise.  



You will see much of what we do on the pages of this website, but to sum it up, we get together for fun things and for volunteer things too (which are usually fun also because of that generous helpful steampunk attitude that enjoys giving back to the community).  Sure we have steampunk parties, picnics, meetups, pub-crawls, swap-meets, carousel rides, zoo safaris, parades and maker-days, etc. but we also have opportunities for our members to dress in their steampunk outfits and visit a school or hospital, or help out local businesses.  If you feel like volunteering but don't want to dress up to do it, we always need help with the day-to-day operations, the "nuts and bolts" of the group, like social media updates, website posting, creating flyers, organizing events, answering emails, hugging our volunteers, etc.  



The organizers of San Diego Steampunk are all volunteers, offering this group, the website, and our resources as a free community service to all those interested in the steampunk genre.  Whether, for you, steampunk is a hobby or a lifestyle or simply a mildly interesting side-dish on the busy buffet table of your Southern California existence, we welcome you to the group and invite you to partake of as much or as little as you wish.   

We are San Diego Steampunk

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